Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Vortice and the Wonderful 9'6

My new Vortice arrived today. This is the Boardworks model, not the XP hollow carbon model. I was nervous it would be heavy. I was shocked at how light it is. I had no problem carrying the board with one hand on the handle, while making the one block walk to the beach from my house. It was so light, I stopped to chat with Brad a little, during my trek back to the house. I was expecting to need my old 2 wheel dolly I built back when I surfed the 12'1 Laird. That Laird was a beast.

My paddling test was short. We had some sweet glassy surf tonight, so a short paddle was followed by a switch to my BK Pro. Stability was like any thick board I've tried in the past. I wobble like a newbie until I adapt to riding so high above the water.

It comes with a center handle hole, plus straps for using the paddle as a handle (my favorite feature). Kudos to C4. They put out some good looking, polished products.

I surfed the 9'6 C4 for 20 minutes. My first time on that board. Wow, what a surfing machine. I had the same level of stoke I recall from the day I surfed the 9'3 PSH Ripper. Going from memory, I'd put it in the same league with that board. The magic board league! I could own and surf the 9'6 as my only board if I lived in Santa Cruz and had the glassy conditions Gary gets! Lucky boys those CA surfers. It sure pays to weigh only 190 now.

My 9'3 C4 should be cake, glass or chop. Wohoo.


tarot said...

a good article

srfnff said...

When you come to surf with us in our kelp strewn, glassy waters...bring them boards with ya!

CB1 said...

How was the 9'6" compared to the BK Pro? I think the 0'6 has a wider tail than the BK. Anyway, that is great news that the 9'3 may be your bailiwick!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The 9'6 makes the BK feel like a beast.

The tail is not really wider on the 9'6 because the BK tail measurement is taken just behind the wings. Measure slightly farther up than 12" off the tail and its a different story.