Friday, November 28, 2008

Home Depot for Board Repair

Today I packed Jacky's board in a bag and off to Home Depot I went. I took the board inside Home Depot and had them scan it for a perfect paint match. My board repairs are finally PERFECT.

It all came about by accident. I was talking with the paint mix lady at Home Depot, desperately trying to get a paint match using a tiny paint chip I had pulled from Jacky's board. She could not get a perfect match using the tiny chip. Then I told her it was for a surfboard and she said "go get your surfboard and bring it in the store". "We scan surfboards all the time for people". Wohoo, finally the perfect solution to pop out board repair. Home Depot rocks!

Prior to this, I had used the Pantone color guide, but never got a perfect match with this method.

I airbush the latex paint diluted with 1/3 water, sprayed at 30 psi.

Jacky had a large paint chip from a kook SUPer down the street who bailed on a wave and kicked his board straight in her face, sending his board over her's, smashing his fins into her rail. The board is tough. Nothing but a paint chip.


Srfnff said...

Insane info. Board to HD asap!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Be sure to use a board bag. You'll need the protection from dings on the Home Depot conveyor and metal counter. They have to disassemble the clamp assembly from the scanner face. Then I held the scanner eye against the bottom of the board while the HD lady worked the console. We did several scans until we got the same results twice, then we went with those. The reason for needing a few scans is the slight leakage of light from the scanner not sitting perfectly flat against the concaves in the bottom.

Anonymous said...

you should definetly let the store know of the expirence... the managers love that stuff.