Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time to Buy Another Board!

Me on the wife's JL

Surfed the Angulo and the wife's 10' JL today. I miss the high performance of the JL. I'm too big for it, but it sure stokes me every time I catch a wave with it. Let the search begin again. I want something that surfs like the JL 10, but better suited to my weight.

The wife dodging one



John Ashley said...

You may have to go custom!

I'm 220lbs and ride a 10' that's 30" wide- the thing is lightning fast, surfs like a big fish and holds in 10' faces.

The boards was made just for me- the molded maniacs have yet to make a smaller board for guys my size. I went custom and am glad that I did- my board feels and surfs like a surfboard and is very stable and paddle-able.

Find a shaper who's made a few- make sure you get a board made for the waves you surf in NC (a pulled tail, super rockered Hawaii board wouldn't necessarily be the call for you- just as it isn't here in Ca)- go with a local shaper. Good Luck!

Chris said...

First, you have a great site! I am 6'4" 200lbs and I currently ride a 10'10" Wave Rod. I learned on the Mickey Munoz model and have tried serveral different others. I absolutely love my Wave Rod! It is loose yet stable for my weight and height. They are single fin with double concave. I have surfed it from ankle high to 2' overhead. Very good board! Email me at if you want more info on where to obtain these boards locally. Thanks, Chris. Keep up the good work, great site. P.S. It is good to see other people kite too! Very fun!

CB1 said...

Nice shot of you on the JL bro! Did you have to pry it out of her hands? :-) Was that over at Oak?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Photos taken in front of our house.

srfnff said...

What don't you like about the Angulo vs. the JL 10'? Didn't you just get the Olohe?

linter said...

i too am curious about nc's current assessment of his angulo. last i knew he was pretty psyched about it.
i do think john is on to something regarding custom. there are certain special needs situations where production boards just won't cut it. what i want is a board that is around 10-6, is more stable than the jl--11, accelerates like a starboard 12-6, noserides like no one's bidness, and maybe gives up a little surfiness in favor of some of my more-needed none-surfy requirements. can anyone say 10-6 x 32?

srfnff said...

NC and linter
This is the kind of discussion and speculation I enjoy re the "SUP Quiver" aspect of this new sport.

I'm thinking a SUP quiver needs to have at least two boards to be well rounded. 1) One to surf 2) One to paddle. That being said when we think about the one to surf OMG! we're back to surfboards in that few people who surf a lot are rarely satisfied with one surfboard. It usually goes at a minimum to at least one of each of three categories: shortboard, longboard, hybrid.

From what I've been able to see and research out there without having ridden more than one production SUP (10'4" Angulo Olohe) there isn't a pop-out that surfs like a shortboard or maybe even like a real performance longboard.

My Olohe surfs flat, i.e. it is fast and loose for a big board but it doesn't carve, it pivots. It feels like it surfs like this video of Bonga surfing his Schaper shaped 10' SUP (of course I am not 1/10 of the surfer Bonga is) but I sense the similarity in what he is doing on his board, and what I am doing on my board minus the long noserides.

There may not be a true performance pop-out on the market as of this date. It looks like there are some performance SUP's in the custom epoxy arena. That's where one may have to go for performance with the attendant trade-offs. I think with maneuverability comes an inherent lack of stability. But I've talked enough already. I want to hear from you guys, and I've got to get to a meeting.

Much aloha and thanks for this thread.