Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Favorite fin

By request, here is the fin the wife and I use in our boards.


linter said...

how 'bout a few more details. it's a wingnut, right? how long is it? what and how long are the side bites you have it paired with? what riding characteristics have you noticed with it? and like that!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The fin is 8". Side bites are stock. About 3 1/2" I think.

Fins with a narrow base, and swept fat tip, feel more loose to me than same size fins with wide bases and similar sweep. I tried a wide base, thin flexi tip fin that tracked too good. It actually took away the pivit turning quickness.
I've tried a 7" (stock JL fin) wide base swept design too. It gives away stabilty during steep drops, or kook free falls dropping in too late and the following white water dance.

linter said...

thanks. i've been looking for a new fin for my 12-6 starboard, something to loosen it up with the 3.5" side bites on it. i've got a 6.5" fin on it now and it's a little squirrelly. maybe i'll give the 8" wingnut a go.

CB1 said...

NCP, was that other fin you showed me a 9" Wingnut? Did you find that was little too large for the Olohe?

I can see how maybe the fins with a wide chord at the base can't take the drops. Too much lift being generated. Looks like the Wingnut would give you some hold in the water since it has some area at the tip, whereas the thin flexi tip fins have much less area to hold you.

I may have to try one of these fins out!