Monday, December 3, 2007

Board Design

Jimmy Lewis 10'8 x 29" coming in Jan 08

Jimmy Lewis 10'4 x 28.5" coming in Jan 08

Jimmy Lewis 9'8 x 27" and 12' x 27.5" coming this Spring (March/April)
The 12 footer looks fun. Interesting big board!

Wow, my last post generated a lot of comments. Let me start by saying I'm no expert on small SUPs. My only experience is with the 10' x 28" JL and Angulo 10'4 x 29". Both good SUPs, each with their own good and bad points.

The Angulo is stable and the volume is comfortable. It surfs better than larger boards, but its not in the same league with the JL 10 surfing. Of course the superb surfing of the JL comes with a price, and that price is poor paddling stability. The million dollar question is, can we have JL surfing ability and Angulo stability in the same board? The JLs other advantage is speed. The speed makes it come to life on a wave, and that seems to loosen the board up even more, making it rip on even the mushiest of waves.

Where to go next? One comment posted suggested I look at Wave Rod boards. I have seen those boards in person. The shape didn't appeal to me. The square tail and vertical rails at the tail just don't look surfy. I understand the shaper won the Cardif by Sea contest on those boards, so we know they rip. But I have to like the looks of what I ride, just like when buying a car. It may be silly, but its how things work for me.

I know JL has a lot of new sizes coming in early 08. One of those might be the answer I'm looking for. I'm an impatient person, so I'll keep looking for something now. For those willing to wait, here are photos of some JLs in the pipeline.

Blane Chambers has many new pop-out sizes coming this Spring. Six sizes is what I heard.
We have a 2 large surfboard factories in my town. One factory has the APS3000 machine that shapes boards. The local SUP shop is getting setup to move into the custom SUP market. This will likely be the final solution once I better understand what I need and what works.
My issue with customs from a local shaper, is no local shaper actually SUPs. We have 6 or more good shapers, but until they actually do it, I'm not handing over my cash for their experiments.


Michael said...

NC Paddler - Great blog. I grew up surfing at Cape hatteras and Avon in the 80's. Amazing place and I miss it. Moved to San Diego but there is nothing like NC beaches. I have thought for a long time that NC would explode for Paddle Surf.

I was out surfing in '86 at near the lighthouse and some idiot was shark fishing a mile down from where I was in the water dumping blood in the water all night. I had no idea. He hooked up a hammerhead and had a fighting chair on the front of his van. He was fighting the shark coming down the beach and people were yelling at me to paddle in. As I paddled into shore, the fishing line zoomed over my head as the hammerhead was outside of where I was. Again, what an idiot. He landed the shark down the beach at 300 pounds.

I am bigger than John Ashley at 250-260 and going to try it his board next time we get together. Tim stamps seems to be into creating custom board for the bigger members of our tribe. I have been riding a Joe Blair 10'6 quad that is 32 wide, it turns great and is a wave magnet.

I am hoping that there will be a production board for bigger guys.

On the Jimmy lewis 12 foot, that is a sweet looking board, is that a distance paddler? Seems pretty thick. C4 is coming out with a 12 foot distance board that looks very similar.


NC Paddle Surfer said...


We still have rednecks in NC :-)

I think Jimmy's 12 footer is designed to catch monster swell on deep water breaks. It would be fun to try.

linter said...

i want that 32"-wide blair. buy yourself a sweet new board and sell it to me!

Michael said...


I also have the starboard 12'6 that I have seen on Ponohouse. I liked that board a great deal but it wasnt cutting it for me in the surf. At my weight, I was fine on distance paddles with it but had challenges on quick turn arounds in the surf. Had many great sessions on it but I am happy I went shorter and fatter. the 10'6 x 32 from Joe Blair is much more stable and I am able to go out in less than ideal cicumstances. THe width seems like every makes a huge deal about but he shapes it so that it still surfs great.


linter said...

michael: are you saying your blair is more stable than the starboard? if so, wow. have you tried the jimmy11'? i wonder how your blair compares to it in terms of acceleration from a stand-still and all around surfiness. got any pix you could post, maybe if not here then on standupzone? your board sounds close to what i've been looking for ... i think.