Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kyle Bernhardt 10'6 Session Report

I had my first session on the Kyle Bernhardt 10'6 today in very small waves. We had a great time. This board feels like a real (prone) surfboard. It just does things right. Nothing funky like some of the SUPs out there trying to be everything to everybody.

The shape could be called radical by SUP standards because it looks and feels like a real surfboard. The rails are thin and almost match my 9'2 longboard in thickness. The board specs may say 4" thick, but the truth is, that 4" is only at the very center of the board. The deck is domed heavy to get down to a real surfboard rail shape. Therefore, this 10'6 floats you more like a 10' x 28.5 x 4.25 thick rail convential SUP.

The KB felt immediately comfortable on a wave. I was even comfortable surfing backside, something I have not been suscessful at with other SUPs. My previous backside SUP surfing has been very awkward. SUPs don't repsond well for me backside, so I usually hop to goofy foot.

I was very pleased today with the surfing ability of this board.

If you're wondering where all these boards came from, it was Jim at Tropical Blends in Hawaii. Great guy and great service.

Lots of photos today. Enjoy!

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