Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The new board surfs GREAT

I surfed my new 11'3 in a light on shore wind with some chest high sets coming through this afternoon. The boards surfs great. The rocker has the same total lift, nose and tail, as my Amundson, but the way my rocker "curves" is very different. My rocker does what I like in a board. I'm stoked. Now I just need some wind so I can windsurf it.

The photo shows a deck pad feature I created. A very long arch bump placed for windsurfing foot support. I wanted to stay with the strapless theme. It turns out this arch bump is awesome surfing. It falls under my front foot surfing a wave. It definitely helps with board control surfing.
Mast track, handle, and a long arch bump located for windsurfing

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