Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Erik's 7'8 from Holland is Done

Amazing job for his first board build. This is the board shaped in his house! Remember those amazing photos of Erik's room all sheeted up in plastic I posted earlier!
Hi Dwight, First of all, thanks by making this possible. Putting those drawings on the web was the coolest thing to do. It made me venture into the world of lines and shaping once again. In a modern way. With the best result yet. Thanks for the tips and  the advice,  that really helped a lot.  I finished the board just yesterday evening by cutting up a deckpad, half of it anyway,  and sticking my "bag-o-pads" traction on the deck. Turned out pretty cool I think. It should give killer traction.  I got the fins from Australia, they were sold out all over Europe. They were pretty quick though, like 5 workdays. Pete Casica contacted me on Swaylock's and I bought five plugs from him. Really nice and helpful, great. The final sand was hard as ever and on some spots I hit the glass slightly, especially the rails. But I don't want to put more epoxy on and sand again... Maybe I will anyway. I had a custom bag made by a Dutch guy (Patrick at supsurfing.nl) and it came out great for 150 euros. Nice bag. It has been a great journey so far with magical moments and hard work the like. I'm still learning. Here's a couple of pics, hope you enjoy them as much as I was taking them . I can't wait for some swell to arrive so I can surf it! Mahalo Erik

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