Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My New 11'3 wind SUP Board is Done

I started sanding at 7am this morning. Finished and surfing in front of the house at 3pm. Exhausted! The rocker is performing exactly like I expected. The stability is better than the Amundson. Now I just need to test it with a sail.
The weight is a disappointment at 27 lbs with pad and big fin. These 1.5# Marko blanks are heavy. The bare 12 foot blank weighed 17.5 lbs before I shaped it. After shaping it was 8 lbs. The board has a full triple layer S top, plus 2 layers carbon under the pad, plus full length carbon tape top and bottom. I wanted it to survive windsurfing a northeaster. For Jacky's board I'll have to drop a layer of S glass to get the weight down. I may end up shaping 3 boards and keeping the 2 lightest ones and selling the other one. BTW, I'm still working on ideas for dealing with the ragged edges of the carbon tape on the next one. I've seen some big name brands leave the ragged edges. There has to be a better way to use this tape.


Brian said...

Run shallow parallel slices the length of the board and use a spreader to push the edges in all the way while dry. Remove any stray fiber then lay your layer of glass over top and wet it out.

CB1 said...

Nice Dwight! Love the color!