Saturday, October 22, 2011

Capt Ron's new paddles

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Capt Ron said...

Thanks for posting these up. Its funny I built these paddles for the same reason I started building boards over 25 years ago. For the simple reason I break a lot of them and knew I could build it stronger and possibly better. I tend to over build stuff. The first surfboards I built back in the late 1980's all were epoxy EPS foam and I built and put in aluminum stringers. Still have a few of those boards you can free stand 3 people on without it breaking.
Well my aluminum has evolved into carbon fiber. Having broke over 25 high dollar paddles in the last 4 years or so it gets pretty expensive. It has been a while coming researching made in USA handle shafts and trying different designs, head angles, core verses no core, different weaves of carbon fiber. I feel I finally have a winner.
The blade is shape able so the paddle outline is only limited to the imagination of the person who wants it. I can also adjust the head angle when the blade is laid up from 9-14 degrees. The ridge on the back of the blade is geared towards surfing. It is like a keel or fin on your paddle and will track like a arrow when you lay on it on a huge cutback and not slip out. Also I have landed a few airs and floaters real hard on this blade and it holds no surprises like the flatter face paddles do. The handles are filament wound carbon fiber and very strong. I am going to order up some different wall thicknesses of the handle to vary the shaft flex from high modulus to low modulus.
I have a race guy using a prototype I built 3 weeks ago with a standard rounded squash style blade shape 118 square inch blade and the feed back so far is good he wants to try several different blade shapes and head angles. He says from his test equipment my paddle cleaned up his cadence and made it even across the board.
I am excited have a new paddle design that feels really good and can be customized to suit the person using it.
Thanks again Dwight,
Capt Ron Neff