Saturday, October 8, 2011

Build Update

1) hot coat sanded
2) pin holes filled
3) handle installed
4) finished weight 13 lbs without pad and fins

7'8 Hokua weighs 20.5 lbs

Yikes 7.5 lbs lighter than the Naish!


Capt Ron said...

If you take a squeegee when you mix up your hotcoat and put a little resin down and squeegee it real firmly then take a brush and hotcoat the board it will fill all the pin holes you may have.
I can say compared to your naish going by weight and my experience it will feel less drivey and have less glide but will swing around like a feather.
If it lacks to much drive just tape off the bottom and put another hotcoat on it. Is that 2lb or 1.5lb foam?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Thanks for the tip Ron.

We now think it's 1.5 lb foam. It's a whitehot blank the greenroom had laying around a long time.

CB1 said...

Interesting! I hadn't thought about the weight of the board being too light! Guess you have to find that fine line so you get proper drive and glide.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

CB1, you may recall we experienced this with the custom sub vectors.

1) They were much faster than the production boards because "light" planes up faster.
2) They turned much faster, making snap turns like the nose was made from air.
3) They paddled fast, but stopped just as fast. No "paddling" glide.
4) On a wave, you needed make sure you made the drop, because weight wasn't going to help you make it. So you had to take one extra paddle stroke to be sure you dropped.
5) The pro's outweighed the cons, as with any board sport.
6) We ditched the sub vector like the plague because the rail shape was a nightmare. It was an ass dumping machine, not a surf machine.