Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Windsurfing Fun Tonight

Jacky on the 5.0 Ezzy Panther

I used the 5.5 Panther

Vincent is giving lessons. Its been years since lessons were offered locally


Chill said...

Stoked watching and reading your windsurfing posts , when can a I get a lesson ? Its something I have always wanted to do and with a lot of side on wind in TI it seems like another way to get on the water.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Good timing Chris. Vincent handed me has new business card tonight. He gave Renee's sister a lesson today. Give him a call.

Waterturtle said...

DW, we'll have to come down and windsurf with you and Jacky at the Basin sometime. We used to sail there a lot...must have been during your kiteboard years. On Hatteras Island now for kids spring break...check it out:

Chill said...

Thanks DW !