Sunday, April 10, 2011

Massive and Fantastic Photo Morning by Jacky

Surf Machine 8'0 PSH WR

Dwight 7'8 Hokua

Surf Machine

Dwight on Zs 8'6

Oops, never knew that was behind me

Dawn Patrol this Morning

Z trying my 7'8 Hokua again

Test Results: Go short or go slow. 8'6 is too big and slow.

My Steep drop of the day

Will I survive?

Yes, I lived to surf another day. Heart may have stopped though.....

Holly Smokes this thing is fast. Just got off the 8'6 and wasn't prepared for the speed!

Yeah I'm a Kook, but now I'm a fast and loose Kook!

One happy boy today!


Brian & Krista Autry said...

GREAT Shots! The angle is so good.

The shot with your board following behind you... where the heck is Z?

Funny wipeout shots! I bet you have a dozens of them from this morning.

PS. You should check your board for dings. Z ran over everything I own this morning... my paddle, my board, my head, my butt...

alan said...

Really good shots, Jackie! You should send these into a magazine.
Alan White

zog said...

I'll take you up on the go short or go slow comment . I'm riding a 9'6" PSH and will take you up on speed and barrel riding contest anytime. The bigger and hollower the better , "Don't Sing It , Bring It" . Lets get some judges and some spitting barrels , bring your wallet and let me know when to show up ! Andy

CB1 said...

Awesome shots, great angle!!!

Uh oh, looks like Andy is calling out all the short'sters (Naish 7'8, PSH 8' vs the PSH 9'6)! I wouldn't want SurfMachine in my heat, but then again, I don't want to be in any heat as I'm a kook! :)

Looks like everyone had a great day! Sorry I missed it.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Ride what you stokes you Zog. Like I'm doing.

Surf Machine is my hero. I'd like to surf one wave as good as him before I die.

zog said...

Looks like it was a great session as all parties are ripping and having a blast. My beef is with your commercial pontification , it's not about the simplicity and rawness of surfing , but what people are riding . The commercial influence of the "surf industry" is what turning the lineup into something that might as well be a bunch of roller bladers who came down to be seen on the loop at WB.Looking at your quiver history your opinion changes faster than the wind , and all captions are about the product and not the rider.Once again your have dissed alot of people as your product is the best , and once again let's take it to S - Turns ! Mano e Mano , my 9'6" vs.your 7'8"! IS IT THE PRODUCT OR THE SURFER ? Zog

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I understand your point Zog. People reading the blog don't really know me and probably make all kinds of assumptions about what makes me tick.

I write what I interests me.

My obsession with gear and pointing out what gear is under everyone is my engineering side showing. I see the world from a technical view point and always want to know what's under people, whether here, or on anyone else's web site. I wish everyone added notations about what is under people.

I'm so anal about gear and testing it, as much as just surfing it, that North Kitesurfing has been sending me free prototypes over the last 10 years to test and send feedback on. Thousands of dollars in free kites each year.

Hopefully you've got a been glimpse into what makes me tick.

CB1 said...

Wow, never knew one person's personal blog could cause so much....well irritation. Just don't get it. The blogs are one persons perspective. You don't necessarily have to agree with that persons thoughts. It really isn't different than jumping on a surfing or SUP forum with everyone spouting their personal opinions. If something bothered me, I would probably just quit reading it!

Just my 2 cents, which really don't mean much...and maybe I don't get it either. And yes, I'm a long time friend of DW, so I know my slant is a little biased.

James Lilley said...

Just wanted to say 'thanks' for these awesome (and informative) photos. Maybe it was the light or the camera, but these shots seem to capture the play of forces involved in surfing. For example, the shot underneath the caption "Yeah I'm a Kook, but now I'm a fast and loose Kook!" shows perfectly the meeting place between wave and rider -- it is as if they are glued together. Awesome stuff! -- James

SUPrman said...

Awesome photography, I added a comment 12 hours ago but I think I forgot to publish it.


great job on the blog, even though i am in Hawaii, I always enjoy reading what you guys are up too. Over the years, we have progressed to more surfable board than the ones we started off with in the world of stand ups, and as the riders get better skilled you see the board size down and get more progressive too. Keep up da Blog

ct (retired blogger)

zog said...

DW , I appreciate your afinity for gear . I read your blog as you always have good pics and I like your garage projects as craftmanship and engineering are awesome.As this is my 39 th. year surfing the waters of CB I hope you can appreciate my views on the changes commercialism has brought to our lineups. Andy

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll post some more photos later in the week.

For those that don't live here, the photos were taken from a surfing pier, where it is illegal to surf 9 months of the year. That may have been the last time we'll be able to get photos like that until next Winter.

zog said...

DW , Sorry I was interupted by the pesky 911 system. My original comment to " go short or go slow " was meant as a challenge / good ole' fashioned Saturday night drag race. Ford vs. Chevy , Andy and his 9'6" PSH vs. DW and His 7'8" Naish. We'll trade in the jeans and leather jackets for baggies and rash guards , as there is no winners and we can agree to disagree and laugh about over a cup of coffee after the battle. Surfing is about having fun , as Mickey Dora said " the best surfer in the water , is the one with the biggest smile on his face" . Looks like Jacky and Melissa are the biggest shredders than. Hopefully we can link up whenever we are off and test all the boards , hopefully the boards will continue to progress and the battle over board design rages on ! The bigger the Better , the Later the Greater , Andy

Brian & Krista Autry said...

Z is so fast on Dwights board. So fast he got vaporized and disappeared.

Chill said...

I wanted to chime in with my two cents on board length. First great blogs from both DW and Zog , I follow both.
I also started to go shorter but found that the width and volume had to be increased to give stability and for my self this changed the way a board performed . I have gone back to the high 8' to low 9' with less volume and narrow width ( 27 - 28 ) and prefer this as the board acts more like a surfboard for me . With the smaller volume you have less rail width but the boards are not very stable , give and take , and would rather deal with stability than have a corky rail but that's just my taste in boards .
Zog you have a great idea about putting the different designs in real waves ie. S Turns with well overhead hollow surf but then the rider plays a big role also , personally I prefer waves that make my heart thump but all surf is fun .
Zog also that new Lopez I was shipped while you where at Sidearm is amazing , very tippy but the most surfy SUP I have ridden .
Here is my Blog with another perspective on SUP
NC Aquaholic