Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet Downwinder Tonight

SW 15-20 made for a nice downwinder. The new boards are working like a dream. They do everything I dreamed of, when I came up with the shaping changes for this years batch.

The changes in this batch are:
  • Reduced width at the nose.
  • Lower nose rocker. 
  • Added some vee under of the nose only.
  • Hold the width behind center, moving back, while reducing the tail block width.
The Goal:
  • Eliminate the "boof" when I run into the back of a wave. The boof kills momentum and glide. A pointy nose pierces the back of a wave and doesn't boof, but can submarine and toss you over the bow and can reduce stability. Getting the right compromise is key. I've got it nailed for our SW wind and waves now. The nose rides at the perfect elevation and the boof is gone. It doesn't slow down when it hits the back of a wave.
  • Improve the foot steering (surfability). The narrower tail block has done this. Paddle steering not required.
  • Keep the glide going with less input from the rider. It does this.
I used my new extra long Werner Nitro (just purchased for downwinding use only). It felt sooo good!

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