Friday, July 17, 2009

25-30 mph wind at my back tonight

I used Jacky's board. It's narrow, with a pointy tail. It didn't feel fast to me today. I think being more wobbly on the her board might actually hurt my planing. How can you plane consistently when you have moments of wild side to side wobble?

Anyone else think it might be better to go wider and more stable, so you plane more consistently?

It wasn't as good as other days I've run. I kept running into the wave in front of me and killing my plane. I just could not avoid the next wave. They were steep, so I couldn't climb it and I could not steer to the side tonight.

Here is the video. My knee is very sore tonight.

My speed average was 6 mph.


Evan said...

That knee twist looked nasty. I hope it heals soon. It made me cringe watching it. Your downwind runs look pretty fun and your 6 mph avg speed is really good. Looks like a lot of water on the deck of your board though. Does that get irritating?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Yes, the water on the deck does seem wrong compared to what I see looking at SIC boards. But, it does make my board way more stable than when you're sitting up super high.

I'll make my next boards thicker, but I'll dig out the deck more to keep me standing lower.

Evan said...

Be careful how much you dig out of the deck bc if you do too much and your feet rest against a side wall, you may develop knee problems. Try resting the side of your foot against a curb or wall and then twist your hips and knee like you would on a downwinder. It won't be long bfr your knee starts hurting.

Anonymous said...

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