Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sub Vector Fins

Yesterday I swapped Sub Vectors with CB1 while surfing the inlet. CB1 had these Vector IIs installed. My Sub Vector had the Controllers installed.

I caught a juicy chest high wave on CB1s board. I laid hard into the bottom turn and Vector IIs twitched several times. It reminded me of the feel when a windsurf fin twitches as it wants to spin out, but doesn't quite fully let go.

Hands down, the Controllers blow away the Vector IIs. I have no idea why they don't cut it on our SUPs, but they work great on my Stretch 6'3". Maybe SUPs place way more load on the fins and we need the stiffer fiberglass construction. Maybe its the more aggressive tow-in foil the Controllers run at the rear that allow it to handle higher loads.

Controller Quads below

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