Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thanks Curtis and Chris

Tonight I surfed my Sub Vector with Futures Controller Quads.

We had a chest high northeaster.

My board rocked!

Thanks for the tip Curtis (in Oahu). These fins are so expensive, I dragged my feet on the purchase when Chris (in Topsail) said they were good. But two people saying they were good, was enough to get me off the fence.


CH said...

Stoked for you DW,I surfed this afternoon also was fun.Those fins and the Sub Vector are a great combo, Got the Gerry Lopez Quads cant want to try them in some juice.I think I have more money in fins than boards sometimes.


CB1 said...

Went back on the Zone and looked at Chris's comments on the Controllers. More drive and control? So are you saying that using the regular quads (450's) like I'm using now, they are really too small for the size of board and tail of the SV, making it too loose and not "grippy" enough?

Did it affect the speed of the board any? Those rear fins are a pretty straight template and not swept much.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

The Controllers are the same depth as your Vector IIs.

What is radically different, is the aspect ratio of the fronts, very low, and the rears, very high.

Then factor in the foils. The rears on the Conrtollers are not symmetrical. They are not flat either. Just slightly asymmetrical.

Next we have the material. Fiberglass instead of fake G-10. The Vector IIs are molded mystery plastic. Very flimsy. The Controllers are stiff.

We know real G-10 is the ultimate material for performance, but they only make them in tow-in models and they cost $200 per set. With fiberglass fins you get near the same performance, polyester resin versus epoxy. Glass content unknown.

It all adds up to huge differences.

The result (with only one test) was the fastest laid out carvy bottom turns I've done in a longggg time.

I laid out a beauty, carving around my paddle so sweet. It seems like every wave ride was at mach 2.
Plus the snaps off the top were quick. It felt like the fin had everything I want.

It will be interesting to try it in crappy knee high junk.


Anonymous said...

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laguna rads said...

I would be really interested in comparisons between the Controllers and the the Future GL quads. I have played a bit with fins on my SubVector after your thoughtful posts on StandupZone. My initial thoughts after viewing both fins is that the GL quad set may work superior in larger surf (OH-2xOH) than the Controllers due to the sizes.