Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Videos are Here

My wife rested tonight, so she shot these videos of me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My new 10'0 Paddle Surf Hawaii Custom

Here is my newest ride.
It was an adventure getting this one. This board was ordered through , the local shop here. I told Hunter, the owner, to get me a 10' PSH ASAP, after riding my wife's 9'6 production PSH. I'd take custom if they had one on the rack in the PSH warehouse. The production boards are due in March. I couldn't wait that long! Word came back via Austin they had several different width and thickness 10 footers to choose from. Yipee!
Next came word Blane would personally select a board to send me! Wow, the man himself was picking my board. We had met at Surf Expo, so he already knew I was 6'2, 200 pounds. Blane picked a 29 wide x 4 1/8 thick board.
Shipping would be via United only, because this is the only airline they are approved with. If you don't know, the TSA has new rules about shipping on passenger planes. You must request the airline come to your place of business or home to ensure you are not a terrorist. The fee for this is $50, any airline. The fee has probably been regulated. Once approved, you get on their approved list of shippers. Easy after that, but until you do this, they ain't taken anything from you. The bad news for me, United charged me $216 shipping. Delta charged me $126-$132 on other boards I purchased from Hawaii.
More bad news at check in. United wouldn't ship to my preferred airport in Raleigh. They would only allow it to be sent to Charlotte. Drive time to Charlotte, 4 hours each way! Yikes!
I blew off work again and made the 8 hour round trip run to the airport. I was home in time to catch one hour of surfing with the new board. I was not disappointed. The board is sweet.
I'm one happy SOB now. In fact, I feel a little guilty for being such a SUP buying hog. But its all been worth it. I'm having the time of my life. I'm having soooo much fun surfing now I can hardly keep my mind on work when at the office.
I need to retire. I don't have enough time for work anymore. I need to surf more.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Enhanced Photos

I'm learning how to enhance photos. I hope everyone likes these. The photos were taken last Sunday during the maiden voyage of the PSH boards brought home from Surf Expo.

Me sneaking a ride on the wife's 9'6.
Hunter on the 9'3 taking a dive

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It

I blew off work today!

The things a person will do to score a session on a Paddle Surf Hawaii 9'6. Wohoo!
Great surf today. I saw a shortboarder get 7-8 seconds inside a barrel and come flyin out the end. Sweet! The air temp was 45 at best today, but that didn't stop me or anyone else. Lots of surfers out today. I scored a morning session, then lunch, then another afternoon session on the wife's 9'6. It doesn't get any sweeter than this. Todays photos were shot right before dark with dying surf. The wife had to work, so she only caught an hour on her board today. Her piggy husband scored 4 hours on her board. hehe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Surf Expo - Misc Photos

Hotel parking lot packing job. PSH boards packed like prized babies!

Angulo's and Kyle Bernhardt

Custom shapes from Tropical Blends. Thin rails like prone surfboards. Like the KB board.

Hunter Brown of and Blane

Mel Pu'u talking about his Kialoa paddle design.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Surf Expo - Kialoa Paddles

Kialoa Paddles were very impressive at the show. The shaft is oval like C4, but smaller in diameter. The grip should be less tiring on the hands. Less chance of developing carpal tunnel. The carbon in the shaft looked cross woven, like the old Dynafiber windsurfing mast. Those were great masts. The Kialoa shaft has a lot of flex. I love flex.
The face of these paddles are dead flat. No dihedral. I was stoked about that. The few paddles I have used with dihedral stunk in my opinion. I prefer flat, so I was stoked they feel the same way about blade design. Kialoa prefer the T handle because you can hook your thumb around it and get a more powerful grip. I agree, the T handle feels very secure and nice.
It was cool to meet Mel himself. Mel was stoked to finally have his paddle design in production. Everyone (Mel, Austin, Blane) were stoked to be able to have this paddle. The surprise for me was how small the blade was. Mel is a BIG guy. I have decided to order Mel's paddle and see what the experts are all stoked about. It will be a big change from my current paddle. I need to upgrade my paddle and paddle skills anyway.

The floral pattern on the paddle blade looks awesome. Way cooler than the photos reveal. The floral pattern is a must have option.

Surf Expo - Foote Maui

Sorry, no pictures from the booth. I forgot to take them.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Plastic Fantastic - Kid Proof SUP

For those wanting an injury proof SUP for children, the wife, or rental fleets, may be the answer you're looking for. These board have been skinned in soft plastic, something like the material used on the bottom of boogie boards. The SUP model was 10' x 28 x 4.
Maybe this could be a cheap travel SUP. Airline ding proof! They are 1/3 the cost of a ULI.

Surf Expo - Battle of the Race Boards

Race boards may be the next hot trend in SUP. C4 and Jimmy Lewis both had open ocean cruisers.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paddle Surf Hawaii Boards Rip!

Hunter, wore out after getting up at 2am in Orlando, and finally ending the day surfing for 2 hours at home.


Jacky with her new baby

Fresh off the plane we tested the new 9'6 and 9'3 PSH surfing machines. These babies exceeded all our expectations.

I'm 200 lbs. I can ride this 9'6. It is stable! We had a northeaster this morning, so surf was very rough with close spaced waves. As close as waves can possibly be!!! East coast surfers will understand!

The 9'6 is so loose it really took us all by surprise. My wife Jacky, Hunter, and myself. Wow! Jacky is loving her new board. I was photographer today. I only took two quickie sessions on it. I told the wife she look tired and should take a break. Then I got my chance. hehe. I gave it back after 15 minutes though. That's all it took to blow me away. This is the magic board I have been searching for all summer. I'll probably get myself a 10 for all around use. Then sneek rides on the 9'6 whenever possible.

Hunter was ripping on the 9'3. Looking much better than he usually rips. He was super stoked.

The red board is 9'3. The Teal board is 9'6.

Surf Expo - Jimmy Lewis

I saw a cool looking open ocean cruiser in the JL booth. This board is a shape they hope can become a one design class "fun" racing class board for the everyday man.
I didn't take many photos in this booth because info about theses boards leaked onto the web a few weeks ago.

Surf Expo - Paddle Surf Hawaii

The doors to Surf Expo open at 9 am. Guess where I was at 8:45 am? Second in line waiting to make my gold rush charge to meet Blane Chambers and crew at Paddle Surf Hawaii. I was not disappointed. Blane and Austin are two of nicest guys you'll ever meet. Guys I'd love to go surfing with sometime.

Blane had all his new pop outs on display.

10'6, 10'3, 10'0, 9'6, 9'3.

The 10'6, 10'3, and 10'0 were sold on Friday. I couldn't make it to the show Friday, so I missed any shot at getting one of those.

I did score the 9'6 for my wife. Woohoo!! I get to ride it when she's not looking. hehe. My surfing buddie, Hunter of, scored the 9'3 ripper!

Next our problem was how to get them home. I was traveling with Hunter. We were flying out at 5:25 am the next morning, with no box, or board bags. We searched the show floor for board bags to fit a SUP. We didn't think we had any chance of finding them, but then we got lucky and found 2 bags. We rushed over to Lowes for some bubble wrap, then back to the show. At closing (6pm) Blane let us take the boards. A huge thanks to Blane and Austin for hooking us up.

Next challenge, how to transport these babies on our rental car to the hotel. A quick trip to the Dakine booth scored us tied down straps and traction pads. Thanks Dakine!

We head back to the hotel and start wrapping the boards. We set our alarm for 2 am. We meet at the car at 3 am to load the car and tie down the boards. Off to the airport, finger crossed that our boards make it. We arrive home at 8:30 am. Boards arrive perfect. We slap pads on them and head for the beach.

Check out my blog titled Paddle Surf Hawaii Boards Rip!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fun Weekend

We had a fun time surfing south of the Kure Beach pier Saturday and Sunday. It's only a 1/2 mile paddle from the house around the pier. Small waves, but a beautiful weekend to be on the water.
Oh Shit!

Jacky, the smiling wife.
The wife takes a few of me.
Trying hard to make something out of nothing :-)