Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surf Expo - Paddle Surf Hawaii

The doors to Surf Expo open at 9 am. Guess where I was at 8:45 am? Second in line waiting to make my gold rush charge to meet Blane Chambers and crew at Paddle Surf Hawaii. I was not disappointed. Blane and Austin are two of nicest guys you'll ever meet. Guys I'd love to go surfing with sometime.

Blane had all his new pop outs on display.

10'6, 10'3, 10'0, 9'6, 9'3.

The 10'6, 10'3, and 10'0 were sold on Friday. I couldn't make it to the show Friday, so I missed any shot at getting one of those.

I did score the 9'6 for my wife. Woohoo!! I get to ride it when she's not looking. hehe. My surfing buddie, Hunter of, scored the 9'3 ripper!

Next our problem was how to get them home. I was traveling with Hunter. We were flying out at 5:25 am the next morning, with no box, or board bags. We searched the show floor for board bags to fit a SUP. We didn't think we had any chance of finding them, but then we got lucky and found 2 bags. We rushed over to Lowes for some bubble wrap, then back to the show. At closing (6pm) Blane let us take the boards. A huge thanks to Blane and Austin for hooking us up.

Next challenge, how to transport these babies on our rental car to the hotel. A quick trip to the Dakine booth scored us tied down straps and traction pads. Thanks Dakine!

We head back to the hotel and start wrapping the boards. We set our alarm for 2 am. We meet at the car at 3 am to load the car and tie down the boards. Off to the airport, finger crossed that our boards make it. We arrive home at 8:30 am. Boards arrive perfect. We slap pads on them and head for the beach.

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linter said...

nice pix and write up, and i'm glad you were able to score a blaine and get it home!
are you going to file more pix and words about the event? did you see any sups that are now going to figure into future purchasing decisions?
just curious ... as usual.

srfnff said...

That is so cool!