Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Videos are Here

My wife rested tonight, so she shot these videos of me.




CB1 said...

Nice vids! Did I detect in a swap out of the 2nd video? :-)

John Ashley said...

Hey, Hey! Now that's what I've been waiting for- those are super cool vids- I know it get's good there- when it does drop a twenty on a local grom and get him to shoot some clips- I'm digging them!

Evan said...

DW - It looks COLD where you're at. I noticed you had on what looks like a dry suit but no booties. Don't your feet get cold?

It's in the 60's and 70's here and we're complaining that it's freezing. After seeing you guys I am in warmth.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Water temp is 50. Air was 60. The warm air keeps the feet warm.

I did switch the videos. You're quick, it was only up for 30 minutes. Jacky said my wipe out looked bad. I thought it was funny. I gave in and pulled the wipe out video.

I'll have more videos coming. Jacky was told by the doctor today to rest. She fell on the board Wednesday and banged her hip. xrays show her back is OK, but slightly curved now. 2 weeks rest is what the doc said.

Jrad said...

Dwight, nice vids. I was out a WB yesterday on the JL 11' I bought from you. I've been getting a ton of wave on that board. Would like to get out with some other SUPers. I agree, I cant get enough of this stuff man.


Jrad said...

I have been experimenting with this camera mount on the nose of my board and my Pentax Optio. I also attached an adhesive backed leash loop to attach a leash to the camera incase the whole thing decides to take a swim.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Great looking camera mount.

I'll be out SUPing Saturday and Sunday morning down here. Forecast looks good for the weekend.