Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paddle Surf Hawaii Boards Rip!

Hunter, wore out after getting up at 2am in Orlando, and finally ending the day surfing for 2 hours at home.


Jacky with her new baby

Fresh off the plane we tested the new 9'6 and 9'3 PSH surfing machines. These babies exceeded all our expectations.

I'm 200 lbs. I can ride this 9'6. It is stable! We had a northeaster this morning, so surf was very rough with close spaced waves. As close as waves can possibly be!!! East coast surfers will understand!

The 9'6 is so loose it really took us all by surprise. My wife Jacky, Hunter, and myself. Wow! Jacky is loving her new board. I was photographer today. I only took two quickie sessions on it. I told the wife she look tired and should take a break. Then I got my chance. hehe. I gave it back after 15 minutes though. That's all it took to blow me away. This is the magic board I have been searching for all summer. I'll probably get myself a 10 for all around use. Then sneek rides on the 9'6 whenever possible.

Hunter was ripping on the 9'3. Looking much better than he usually rips. He was super stoked.

The red board is 9'3. The Teal board is 9'6.


CB1 said...

Hunter looks right at home on that 9'3" Ripper. Killing it!!

linter said...

9-6 and stable? wow. btw/ nice pix: looks like even on day one hunter has that board dialed in.