Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grounded by Wind

No surfing this weekend. Way too much wind. Watched Jacky kitesurf. I don't want to risk wearing a harness with my ribs still heeling.

I decided to extend our Kialoa paddles. I cut the shaft, install 7/8 diameter dowels and glassed them 2" longer. Pretty easy modification. A 7/8" dowel is a perfect tight fit inside the shaft.

I also sanded away my ding repair on the 10' PSH. I had used sun cure epoxy on it. It had a slight green tint to the cured resin. This was not acceptable. I love my PSH too much to tolerate that. I bought some better resin and now have a clear repair.

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flipper said...

got any pix of the paddle mod?