Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cleared to Surf Again

I made a trip to my personal physician today. They took x-rays of my rib. It showed a clear break this time. The doc in a box I used on the day of the accident took crappy x-rays. Today's x-ray tech did things a lot different, so the results were crystal clear. It showed calcification around the break already. Looked good to me, even though the ribs are clicking like mad all day long. The doc said it would heel dispite the clicking, and I could resume activities as I saw fit. He aleady knew I went surfing last weekend, so he probably understood saying no wouldn't do much good. But I will hold off on kitesurfing again for a least 2 more weeks. I just can't stop SUPing cold turkey. It would kill me.

Nothing to report on testing the thrusters. Wind has been too strong for after work paddle sessions.

Jacky is thinking I cut her Kialoa paddle too short. I cut both paddles 7" over our heads. 8 or 9" may have been smarter. Anybody need paddles cut perfect for someone 6 ft and 5'4 (that would be 9" over those heights)?

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cheryl said...

how much are you sking for the paddle ?