Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Kialoa Paddles Arrive

It's been a long wait, but they finally arrived. We wanted the floral patterns, so we had to wait a little longer than normal. I think Kialoa may not have been prepared for the floral pattern demand following Surf Expo.
I just finished dressing the paddles out. Neither of us have ever had paddle dings in any of our boards. I think its because of the way I dress the paddles out. I only install car door edging on the upper edge of the blade. This is the place most likely to strike the rail. It does not mess with the paddle feel having it up high on the blade. I also wrap a little foam around the bottom of the shaft. I often smack the deck with the paddle when falling. The little bit of foam helps, I think.
We use neon duct tape on the shaft so we don't loose the paddles. Being a kitesurfer too, we're well aware of how easy it is to loose a board in the ocean. A paddle is a lot harder to find than a board. The most shocking thing about lost gear, is how fast it drifts down wind with the current. Almost always, the lost item is found much farther down the coast than anyone thought possible. Remember this next time you loose something out there.


Evan said...

Interesting how you only have the door edging on the top of the blade. Does it peel off or did you glue it on? I've been adding on grip tape made for baseball bats and so far so good for grip.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The edging has 3M adhesive tape built in.