Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Best Down-the-Line Surfing Windsurfer EVER

All true, for my local conditions. Blowing 12 mph and getting long, multi-turn down the line wave rides. So many, Jacky had to follow me in the truck. Downwinding on a windsurfer now rivals doing it with a kite and surfboard. For me, it feels better. More like SURFING with sail, and less like KITING with a surfboard. More of a surfing feel in my opinion. Really fun. Disclaimer, this not Hookipa. This is a more fun combination for here. I think it would probably be fun for most places. Not counting the known epic windsurfing places around the world.

The board just flies when a swell rolls up behind you. Unlike a windsurfing SUP, which dogs. Rocker is everything.
134 L Strapless ONLY twin fin windsurfer

Sorry, everything shot with an iPhone today

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CB1 said...

Finally, the right conditions! Awesome! You should try out with the 6.3 or the 5.8 sail and see of you get the same results, that way you don't have a lot of sail to deal with.