Saturday, April 6, 2013

Strapless Windsurfing Done Right?

That is the question. So far, I think I'm onto something. Windsurfing SUPs are OK, but not really right for windsurfing. Pretty lame actually. So this looks like a SUP, but instead of a SUP rocker, it has a real windsurf rocker. This board flies. It has the get up and go typical of a real windsurfer, while having the width and volume of a SUP. So it jibes and tacks in no wind, like a dream. It goes upwind in a northeaster like a kiter. Look out you kiters. I just made kitesurfing obsolete. haha!

Unfortunately the side-on wind of a northeaster isn't a good test for down the line surfing, so we didn't get a good feel for that.

The wind started out 11-13 mph. So I rigged the 6.9m Ezzy Tiger. Then the wind built to 20-23, so trying to actually surf became impossible. A 5.5m would have been ideal to try. But it was home in the garage. Stoked for an awesome summer of windsurfing strapless in the SW winds of corncake.
134 L   8'9 x 30


Unweight, stay attached. 

Brian McKenzie trying my board

He made it


Pat said...

This is REALLY close to what I've been looking for. Something to play around in the light summer winds and small surf of the southeast NC when I'm not in Hatteras. Can't wait to hear how it is in the surf with that rocker. Gonna have to give you a call.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I'm pretty excited by the potential. I think Windsurfing has failed to hold onto some core users, as they move to kiting because the gear just doesn't meet their needs anymore.

I think having been a kitesurfer since 1999, and becoming bored by it, I'm stoked and motivated to put the thrill and challenge back into windsurfing when conditions are less than epic.