Sunday, November 25, 2012

My New Board

Stability of the new board is less than the original. I call this the Dwight Model Version 2. To compensate for reducing the thickness by 1/4" and shaping the rails ultra thin. (matching a prone fun board rail size), I increased the width by 7/8". I'm a bit surprised the stability is a lot less. About mid way between the Jacky Model and Dwight Model in stability at my current weight of 195 lbs. For Scott, who weighs only 175 lbs, he found the V2 model more stable. The difference being he rides high and dry on the original. Placing his CG too high above the water. You want the deck flush with the water. For how it surfs......sporty! With the tail being 3/4" wider, it actually feels way sportier and feels SMALLER. Much snappier. Going back to the original board, it feels a bit like a caddy. When we get some real waves again, I expect it will take my surfing to another level.
The waves have departed. The new board curse.

Here she is. 7'8 x 30.38 x 4.25 with ultra thin rails.


RY said...

Looks good Dwight! Any idea on Volume?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I don't know my exact volumes because I model it with square edges to save time and effort. But I can get volume difference between designs. This one is 8 liters less than the original.

Weigh is 14.5 lbs with pad

RY said...

Right on Dwight. Pretty inspirational that you have been able to go thru this whole process and work on dialing in the perfect board for you and your conditions.
Now if you had to guesstimate the volume of this one / or the original ;)...
just curious

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Doing some quick and dirty work in AKU software, it says the original board is 101 liters. It says the V2 shape is 96 liters.