Friday, November 23, 2012

Laminating the Bottom

Dennis came by today to watch my methods. Dennis has built some beautiful vacuum bagged bamboo skinned surfboards. After watching me, he said he's never laminating the old way again.
Deck laminated yesterday. Notice the pencil line marking the deck pad location

Wetting the cloth

Rolling it up


Squeegee as you unroll


CB1 said...

What is the old way? Not using a wetting table and putting the cloth and resin on the board then wetting it out?

As always, awesome job! The board looks great!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I'm referring to MY old way versus MY new way. 5 years ago, I wetted the cloth on the board, like all surf factory's do it.

Since learning the reasons behind wetting on a table, and learning how its done, I've switched. Never going back. My new way, is the windsurf factory way.

Brian S said...

So, the reason for the wetting table is less resin on the board???

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Yes, less resin. It doesn't work for every situation.

For example:
When laminating only one layer of cloth. Like a single 4oz bottom on a typical prone shortboard. For that, you still have to fill the weave with resin for the sanding/finish coat. So nothing saved doing it on a table first.

It saves when doing multiple layers. Like on a SUP or windsurfer. The inner layers can be relatively dry (matching pre-preg). Only the outer layers gets the weave fill / sanding / finishing coat. So on a 3 layer deck, the 1st 2 layers are super light, while the outer layer is the same weight when finished, as if wetted on the board.

Kirk mcginty said...

what glassing schedule did you use on the deck with the carbon patch?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The Greenroom does full double 4oz S Aerialite tops and bottoms. With a single carbon deck patch. A 7'8 weighs 15 lbs. Cloth wetted on the board.

I can do the same board with a triple 4oz S deck, plus carbon deck patch, and come out 13.5 lbs on the same 7'8. Cloth wetted on a table.

On the 8'5 I'm shaped now, I'm going double 4oz S deck, plus carbon deck patch, plus carbon tape down center on bottom. The goal is less weight in a big board, while still staying stringerless.