Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Padded Surf Machine's Board Tonight

It looks awesome


kirk said...

how exactly do you custom cut your pad to fit the outline of the board? beautiful board, btw!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

1) I made jig to draw pencil line on deck 2.5" in from rail around perimeter.

2) Tape along pencil line, 3 layers of tape to make it very thick.

3) Cover the deck with a big sheet of paper. Now I can trace on the paper the pad outline. I can feel the thick tape under the paper, making tracing possible.

4) I save money and use Gel contact cement to stick the hyrdro turf pads. Saves $20/board.

5) Sometimes the pad will grow in size when wetting with cement. But no fear, since 3 layers of tape outline the pad area, if the pad overlaps the tape, it's easy to trim with a razor blade and not score the board.

kirk said...

makes perfect sense. thanks!