Monday, January 16, 2012

Beautiful Day of Kitesurfing

We kitesurfed Cherrie Downs Park today. Sorry about the lack of photos. By the time I grabbed the camera, everyone was done kiting.

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Capt Ron said...

You still here in Fl? If so today and tomorrow the surf is pretty decent right now and tomorrow looks to be the day in NSB. Its waist + on the beach here right now offshore wind. Should be fun on the rising tide. Give me a ring maybe we can do a surf.
Ron Neff

NC Paddle Surfer said...

We're here all week. The wind forecast today made us choose the north side of the inlet. Who knew the wind would lay down everywhere this morning. Oh well!
Tomorrow we're surfing Cocoa with some friends there. We'll keep watching the forecast and will definitely come up when it's right there and bad at home.

Capt Ron said...

Got a little smaller but the NSB side of the inlet is looking fun still waist + and cleaner than yesterday probably best on the incoming this afternoon. Does not look like much for waves down south. Hope to see you guys one day for a surf. Give me a ring for a report I will be getting calls from the inlet soon.