Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Crew Hits a Tiny Hamlet Street

Surf Machine with new miners cap

Todd on his PSH WR

Dwight on the 7'8

Surf Machine gets Wave of the Day

Not - Wave of the Day


Am I surfing or taking a dump?


catering said...

I started SUPing in Ocean City, MD with a 10-3 PSH All Arounder a couple years back, then moved down last summer to a 9-3 Subvector, but now thinking of going smaller again. How do you like the Naish boards of 9-0 and under? Any advice...I'm prob a intermediate surfer and handle my 9-3 very well. I'm about 5-10 and 165lbs. I almost want to go smaller just for the convenience of carrying around and storing the board too! Thanks

curtis said...


Its been a while since I been checking out your blog, You guys are Nutz, you guys are going shorter and shorter. I dont know If I could handle the winter temperatures. 60 deg in hawaii is freezing for us.
Happy New Year,


NC Paddle Surfer said...

The cold isn't the problem, it's how clumsy booties and gloves make me feel.

It's summer on the inside, but dam I'm clumsy in all that rubber.