Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake downwinding better than ocean?

We did a downwinder on Cayuga Lake today. Wind was 5-15 mph. Glides were easy and easy to keep going. Easier to glide and keep the glide going, than when in the ocean, I think. Even with wind only about 5 mph, gliding was easy. I think the lack of ground swell running under you, like it does in the ocean, makes it easier to keep the glide going. Ground swell can sometimes being a nuisance, knocking you off a glide. I'd love to downwind on a lake in 25-30. It must be sick.


Victor Velasco said...

DW - checkout this video - no ocean for hundreds of miles...


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Victor, when I first saw that video, It almost looked fake to me because they were going sooooo fast.

But after being on the lake today, I'm sure it's real, and lake downwinding has huge speed potential.

Cayuga Lake is 36 miles long, with nice wind waves.