Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's time to ban camping at Freeman Park

Here are photos of the garbage pulled from the surf Sunday morning. People can be pigs. It's out of control up there. Just look at how nice the south end is today. The south end is what the Freeman Park should be like.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%! It seems, once it became Freeman "Park" it became Freeman "Zoo". And don't get me going about dog poo. I see a dog diarhea in the surf everytime I'm there!


Anonymous said...

I agree as well! Freeman Park is becoming a trash dump!

NCBA hit it on the nail on the head regrading the "zoo" atmosphere. It's insane up past the point where they allow camping. With all the crazy drivers up there it's not safe to walk, or even let your kids play!

CB1 said...

FYI. Mr. Owens, Town Manager, said the town council plans to discuss Freeman Park issues at their next meeting. If you have issues or concerns about Freeman Park, please e-mail the town or voice opinions at the next meeting.

Whether or not you agree with the call to end camping, how about a compromise by having the campers pushed back up to the fence line so they do not trash the water line and keep water access open for all users of the park? Regardless, please let the town know your thoughts on the subject.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

My second choice would be banning camping in the surf zone. During peak summer crowding, you can't even get to the water because the camp sites are packed so tight in the surf zone. To make matters worse, some campers cop an attitude when you try to access the water through their camp site. They actually think they own their little stretch of beach.

I say push them (overnight campers) back to the fence and allow everyone access to the water.

Anonymous said...

Talk about "attitude". I can't wait to drive a green & purple van through them after a long Saturday of drinking!

Seriously, I'd ban it all together.