Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jacky Injured Today

Jacky was paddling out when a wave kicked the nose of her board up in her face and at the same time, drove the paddle tee handle into her face. She's got a deep cut on her nose and a swollen forehead bruise.

I will change her tee handle to the padded type.

I cut my Kialoa Shaka Pu'u blade narrower, again. I'm at 8 1/4 wide now. Feels great. The biggest improvement I noticed is when paddling out. While trying to fight through relentless breaking waves, and current is sucking me backwards toward shore after each breaking wave passes, I can accelerate forward again much faster.


CB1 said...

Hope Jacky is okay!! Did she require stitches?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

She's fine. Used a steri-strip.

csx355 said...

Nasty - there is a lot of leverage on these boards - I can see a 'SUP KISS' becoming a fairly common injury - hope you heal well and soon. Steve