Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Thrusters

Well after running quads for the past few weeks, it's back to thrusters for good.

When I first got my BK Pro, I switched back and forth between quads and thrusters almost every session. I was excited, and in a rush to sort out what was best. Thrusters just felt right in the way the board swung around and laid a bottom turn. The quads felt a little noisy under my foot. Noisy in a vibration and draggy way. This seemed a little strange, because I love the quads in my Stretch shortboard, used for kitesurfing.

Then Evan over in Oahu, captured a bunch of spy shots of the C4 team riders at Queens, all riding quads. Well that left me doubting my own decision, so the quads went back on my BK Pro. There they stay for weeks.

This week Blane Chambers admits he's gone to thrusters. He was a hard core 2+1 guy. Maybe I'm not such a kook. I was preaching thrusters on the forum and this blog all Winter with my old PSH 10'0.

Tonight the thruster went back on. WOW, so much nicer. What was I thinking not trusting my instincts these last few weeks.

I'm not much of a surfer skill wise, but I am a respected tester of prototype kitesurfing gear. I must have some skill for sorting out gear. I need to trust my instincts more.

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