Thursday, April 3, 2008

The JL 10'4s are Here!

These sweet boards just arrived. They are the last of the sweet 10'4s being sold at the original price of $1299.

For those that hadn't heard, JL is shipping all future boards with pads installed in Vietnam and jacking the price up by $250! The new retail is $1549. Wow!

This really sucks in my opinion. JLs were the best deal going. Now they are joining the rest of the big brands with outrageous prices. What a shame.

I don't like the JL pad. I enjoy decking my own board and giving it that personal touch. NSI pads are my favorite.

By the way, these boards are already sold.


CB1 said...

Sweeet!! Can't wait until I see them in person! Overall, what was your honest impression?

Anonymous said...

that is a bummer about the pad and price. i put a $5 yoga mat on my old jl and it's worked out great, one year and counting. and $250 more is way out of line, if you ask me; sounds to me like ol' jl is trying to get his while the getting's good and hot.