Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Update

Wonderful day surfing the CB pier this morning. Surf was not as big as yesterday, but still great fun. I did not have my camera yesterday, sorry.

We surfed with the new C4 rep for this part of the country. He was riding the 9'6 Swallow. He let Jacky surf it for about 30 minutes. Brad (the rep) surfed Jacky's 9'6 PSH. They both enjoyed trying each others boards.

Brad told us board availability is poor again this year. He's hurting for boards. Same old story! When are these factories going to move prone surfboard production capacity over to stand up? They say surf shops are hurting. Well build more standups guys!


srfnff said...

Nice pics Dwight. Where did you get the nice fluorescent pink paddle wrap on Jackie's paddle? I'd like to get one for mine seeing as how I've lost it in the darkening dusk once already.

Jeff said...

I live 2.5 hrs from Sunset/Wrightsville beach, and would like to take SUP lessons. Do you have a recommendation?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

try for rentals and some tips. Don't need much for lessons other than 5 minutes of how to instruction before you head out.