Friday, February 15, 2013

9.5 lb 7'4 Manatee

9.5 lbs is the final laminated weight. Today it gets hot coated. Using calculated poured hot coat weight, this step adds 2.0 lbs. Sanding may remove 0.5 lbs. Finished estimated weight = 11 lbs bare board. With pad and fins 12.5 lbs. After seeing all the guys vacuum bagging custom SUPs in Florida, I was motivated to bag all my boards, not just my wind-SUPs.

Actual Numbers
2-layer 3.6 oz S Aerialite bottom
2-layer 3.6 oz S Aerialite deck + 3.74 oz 1K full carbon coverage under the deck pad.
1.35 lb EPS - stringerless
Volume 110 liters
7'4 Manatee in the vacuum bag


Victor Velasco said...

DW - Do you have to heat your garage to get the epoxy to work right, or do you wet out the cloth inside the house then bring it out to the garage? I can't make boards in the house I'm at now, but I'm still trying to keep the mental picture together.

Nice work by the way -


NC Paddle Surfer said...

I do have a couple of space heaters for the garage. I don't have to run them too long. The garage stays warm enough. I carry the resin bottle inside the house at night to keep it warm when I'm building.

The heaters can bring the garage up to 70 degrees in about 45 minutes.

The harder challenge was finding the space heater that will bake the board at 110 degrees in our laundry room. Most all heaters trip out much earlier. The magic heater turned out to be a tiny little ceramic heater with fan.