Tuesday, January 1, 2013

7'4 Manatee First Surf Test

Easy, super stable, catches everything. Paddles straight. Paddles fast and glides better than expected.

Stupid EASY. Rider weight 204 this morning.

I caught this wave

In front of Linter's Winter pad.


CB1 said...

What's the tail and mid width?

So where exactly does this fit in the quiver since you have the 7'8 and 8’5?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Dimensions are secret.

The Inlet Runner is ideal for the inlet. It gets into waves very early and should be perfect for big soft waves.

The Manatee is an alternate way to have fun in small surf. The windSUP being its main competition.

linter said...

My first time out here, early morning, no one in the water, no one on the beach, no one anywhere, and all of a sudden i see these black fins. let me tell you, i freaked. but then, phew, the fins were going up and down and not coming at me in a straight line on the surface. the guy i rent from, however, has been telling me about the great whites in the area. could that be true?