Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun Wind SUP Sunday

The NO harness session. Wind so light I never hooked in. Stayed upwind easy.


CB1 said...

Freaking awesome! Hard to believe those waves! I hate we had to cut out a bit early and missed your session!

Brian S said...

Are your Wind/Surf SUP's the Amundsons in your quiver list? It looks like Jackie's planing in some of the previous posts? They surf and plane?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Yes, they are the Amundson's. Jacky uses the 10'6 and I use the 11'3. The 11'3 is the better board. It catches more waves with a paddle or sail than the 10'6. A sail on the 10'6 feels under powered compared to placing the same sail on the 11'3. Both boards plane, but it's a slow plane compared to a real windsurfer. I'm going to start shaping 11'3 wind SUPs in September. I think I can improve on the design.

The cool thing about the 11'3 is the wind range. 5 mph to 25 mph with a single 6'3 sail. All while staying upwind.

Jeff said...


First time on this blog.
Any experience or knowledge of somebody sailing the Bic 10'6" Ace-Tec wind version?