Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful Day for Windsurfing

A big thanks to Igor today. He loaned us his two Mistral windsurfing SUPs. Wind was 10 mph. So much fun. I'm thinking it might be time to put the downwind race SUPs on Craig's List and get a couple of old school longboard SUP/windsurfers. No point in having beautiful weather and not be able to get in the ocean. With no waves, and light wind, we're stuck on land with our current gear. That's not acceptable anymore.
Caught it


The boards hang off the back of the truck a lot, but it works.

The simple things are fun again. A tack!


CB1 said...

Nice! How did the 6.3 feel? Hard for me to wrap my head around, but lots of people use smaller sails when using those larger size boards, maybe 5.5 - 5.3, just to make the sail disappear a little more while playing on the wave. Also easier handling.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The sail is just something to add balance and to lean against. I don't think of it as adding power to plane. The board doesn't plane. That makes my 6.3 the choice.