Sunday, November 20, 2011

"that is the most fun SUP I have ever surfed" - Brad Jones

My opinions so far, a short board bottom (no V) requires more toe pressure to lean into a turn, but the reward is crazy amounts of explosive power and speed. With a V bottom you can roll into a turn without much effort, but then the speed is gone on exit, with pumping your ass off to recover the lost speed. We just don't have many days with power in our wind driven waves. This short board bottom changes everything. Not only do you explode off the bottom, but you rip the inside wave remnants most boards just coast and cruise on.

Brad said the board rewards those who know how to surf. Translation "surf the tail" and you shall terrorize the waves.

Jacky did surf her board today! I just didn't get any great photos.
Brad on the wider, thicker one (mine)

Brad on the thinner narrower one (Jacky's)

7'8 x 28.5 x 4


srfnff said...

Definitely a lean, mean surfin' machine. Very, very nice. By way of discussion, putting concave in the vee panels could eliminate the lag after turning. Just a thought. But if you've already got something that works...go with it! Congrats on pushing the envelope.

SUPrman said...


The board looks like it can Rip!
Going that short do you give up a lot on glide and paddling? Harder to catch waves? I figure its like surfing a shortie, you just got to be in better position to Catch the wave.

Mahalo for Sharing


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Curtis, from my one SUP session on the north shore a few years back, I'd probably miss every wave on these boards.

These boards paddle straighter than my 7'8 Naish, so it's easier now than ever!

They are exciting enough, that I'd probably want one in my quiver, even if living on Oahu. I think 7'8 and 8'4 might be the right 2 board all wave quiver.

Capt Ron said...
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