Sunday, September 25, 2011


Notice the clown at 2:07 with a leash. I'm shocked. For those that don't kite, leashes kill kite surfers. We never ever wear leashes.


dimitar said...

Hi Dwight,

I regularly read your blog and find it one of the best for SUP.
I still do not kitesurf but this evening I commented your post with a very famous and experienced kitesurfer and he told me that there are two occasions when the leash is a must even though it is so dangerous.
1. If you kitesurf near a rocky shore where you can't go out you must wear a leash because loosing your board at such a place is much more dangerous than the leash.
2. On a competition, because nobody wants to spent the competition bodydragging after his board.

In all other cases you are completely right.


CB1 said...

There were a few guys wearing leashes in that video. If they are going to use them I would at least have a Gath surf helmet on or something similar as a measure of safety. An impact vest as well? I know it may not be cool, but if it's your lively hood, you may want to protect your investment.

What do the guys do at WB? Don't they have leash law?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I haven't been to WB in years. But when Scott kited down here with us on his surfboard, he had his leash on the board, but not attached to his leg. He just let it drag in the water while surfing. That might be the trick the WB are using to out smart the law and not die.