Friday, August 19, 2011

How I Increased my Surfing Performance

Ever hear about people who can't chew gum and walk at the same time? Well maybe I'm one of those. I've been putting Dakine tail pads on my SUPs in a failed attempt to get better feel for the tail of the board. It just wasn't working for me. I'd surf a wave and still wouldn't know "exactly" where my rear foot had been when it was over. I think the paddle caused enough of a mental distraction, that I was not aware of where my rear foot was. Other that what I'd feel in the way the board performed on the wave. I wanted more.

So I built my own tail pad with a double height arch bump. A bump so high, it feels slightly uncomfortable testing it on the beach.

But on the water, WOW. The pad felt fantastic and I was "fully" aware of my exact foot position on every wave. I felt empowered and my surfing felt better than ever.  Maybe SUPs need bigger arch bumps.

Jacky loves it too!
7'3 Hokua


iStock said...

That's cool! I always wonder where my back foot is and have really been working on getting it back as far as possible. How did you make the "double arch"?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Glued 2 layers of foam, then shaped them into the bump. You could take a Dakine pad and glue a single layer of scrap foam under the bump.

Capt Ron said...

I buy 16" skim board arch bars and a pad with tail kick cut a slot out of the pad with a band saw to fit the arch bar and put it on. I always use a different color arch bar than the pad for a visual reference as well as feel. I also cut slots and strips in my pads to have a decent visual and seem to develope a foot feel from memory where I am by the way the slots feel on my foot. I use a 2nd arch bar in the front foot area on my shorter SUP's really makes a difference. I do not like solid pads. Its all about the leverage. I also set up the kick tail on teh pad to where my back foot is 90% of the time then add a 2nd kick right in front of the leash plug. Keeps me from getting racked when I throw my back foot all the way back on a tail slide or hard top turn. The things you learn the hard way.
Looks really good DW,

Capt Ron said...
Here is a good example of the mechanics of my pad in action. Note the back foot right on top of the kicker. Cool Gopro shots from hurricane Earl last year I aimed the camera at my feet.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Nice photos Ron. Cool to know I'm not the only one searching for the ultimate SUP tail pad setup.

Capt Ron said...

I moved some gopro video chest view to my Absolute page on FB. The 8'4 is working pretty good. Let me know if you can view them.

alap said...

"fully" aware means:
1. foot doesn't touch the pad
2. foot just touches the pad
3. foot halfway on the pad
4. foot all the way on the pad...
right? its like a gauge...

this is really a scientific approach!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

You got it alap