Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun Morning....surfed the 7'3 Hokua too, Woohoo!

8 SUPs out this morning at Sea Watch
Jacky on her 7'3 Hokua

A lot of pretty waves like this at Sea Watch this morning

Jacky at high tide

Awesome morning of surfing from 8 to 11 am

CB1 on his 9'0 Mana. 


Tim said...

As somebody who seems to have surfed most things which would you recomend.
9' Mana or 9'6 Hokua I weight 195 lbs I have been surfing a 10' mana and can just about manage a 9'6 Nalu but struggle a bit


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Get the 9-0 Mana. It is one of magic shapes in the range. 9-6 hokua is 4 year old shape ready for retirement.

Tim said...

I was swinging towards the Mana for the shorter length and 5lt more volume. What I cant understand is why they are dearer than the Hokua and Nalu yet are not advertised as a high a performance?

Tim said...

This is me on the 10' Mana

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Naish fills more gaps in their SUP range each season. Therefore, new stuff is added all the time and old stuff is NOT phased out. SUP shapes have advanced a lot in just the last 2 years. It's a totally different sport from prone surfing, so it took a few tries for shapers to learn the unique challenges of making SUPs work.

The newest models added to the range are usually the best. This applies to a lot of brands.

The 9'0 Mana arrived in July of 2010, so the shape is very fresh. It's way better than older boards. Fast AND loose (hard to do). Very friendly too.

Forget marketing BS, go with what we know rocks!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Nalu is a Cali shape. Narrow and long, longboardy.

9'6 Hokua has a full length vee bottom. Boards can rip without doing full vee bottoms. The full vee creates too much leg fatigue.

All Naish's newer shapes are single concave, no vee at center, and almost nil vee at the tail. Very stable and yet they rip.

Tim said...

Thanks for all of that, I was (still am sort of)a kayak surfer until i started on a SUP last year so it's all new. After your last post i now understand why the Nalu felt so stable yet was narrower than i was used to.