Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Downwinding Fins

My downwinding fin

Jacky's downwinding fin

Our small fins. Low drag, good for flat water. Not enough directional feel for downwinding.


Niclas said...

Dwight, I have Starboard 12'2" (26 3/4 wide) with the original fin (22-24cm's at most) that looks like a football-fin from the 80ies. I don't ride waves with this board. You think I would benefit with another fin? What length/type?
I don't do real downwinders, just paddle along the archipelago. 1-1.5 hour trips. But I've been thinking of doing a 35km downwinder this summer, from my home town to another town, and bring a mast/boom/sail as well if my arms don't make it all the way ;)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I doubt you would feel any difference changing fins. But speaking technically, certainly a better foiled windsurf type fin would be less drag.

We have a hard time feeling any speed difference changing fins on downwinders. It's not like windsurfing, where the fins are easy to feel when wrong.

Niclas said...

Ok, but do they offer more stability? My 12'2" ain't exactly stable with its 26 3/4. For me that is ;)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

They offer a "little".