Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Squirrel Fin Tested

7 inch Squirrel Fin and my fin collection. I think I've tried enough fins. No more.
We tested the Longboard House Squirrel Fin tonight. This is the fin someone wrote about on

Jacky and I both hated it. It's not the fins fault, we just don't like 2+1 fin setups. A pure shortboard thruster setup is what stokes our fire.

2+1 makes a board turn around like a super tanker. I missed a few waves tonight because the board wouldn't spin quick. Then when surfing the wave, yuk. Too stiff.

I know some might say thrusters are not their cup of tea. Sure the board doesn't like to paddle straight and its less stable, but so what. I'm up to the challenge.

I will not compromise. I love the wild and loose feel of thruster. You just think about turning and it turns. If you haven't tried it, you're cheating yourself.


CB1 said...

Is the PSH fin a 7"? When you let me try some of the thruster fins on my JL, you installed the TA 6" fin, right?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

PSH fin is 7 inches.

You tested a 5" rear fin.

CB1 said...

When you were testing the Wingnut fins, did you like that style better than something like the PSH 7" fin?

Saw some Future compatible fins on the TA website. Lot to digest!

srfnff said...


Your fin quiver looks a lot like mine! Lately I've been using the thruster set-up on my Angulo 10'4" and I like it the best overall so far for general surfing in all kinds of waves.

I do like the 2+1 config as well as the single fin for noseriding, but overall the thruster config is my fav.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Gary, nice to hear you like thrusters too.

CB1, got your thrusters yet?